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Sanni Open Source Cartridge Reader HW5 Rev5

Sanni Open Source Cartridge Reader HW5 Rev5

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Open Source Cartridge Reader that allows you to read roms and saves
from NES/FC, SNES/SFC, SMS, N64 (including Controller Pak), Genesis/MD,
GB/GBC/GBA. More cart types are supported with adapters (some of which I sell in other listings).

All kits come with the RTC and VSelect components pre-soldered from the factory as pictured to make assembly easier. Also includes all of the optional pieces including the N64 controller adapter, clock generator, and snesCIC (pre-programmed).

Does not include micro usb cable necessary for power nor the sd card.

Kytor's matching dust cover can be purchased from my shop here.

Under no circumstances should you install the physical voltage switch and VSelect at the same time. Doing so will cause irreparable damage to your LCD and other components.

To avoid confusion, I do not include the LED, LED resistor, and a second switch. If you plan on removing the VSelect components because you would like to add a voltage switch, send me a message on Discord, Twitter, or email ( and I can include those at no additional cost. I can also remove them on assembled units for no additional cost as well. Kytor's shells will also ship without a voltage switch opening but if you contact me, I'm happy to print one that does have a voltage switch opening for no additional cost.

Please see other listings for more OSCR accessories.

Orders are shipped out every weekend. I try to ship all kits the weekend after they are ordered. Assembled units will take an additional week to ship due to units being made to order.

SD Card Setup

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