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3D Print - Sanni Open Source Cart Reader

3D Print - Sanni Open Source Cart Reader

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Enclosed Variants

For those that are only looking for the 3D print. If your OSCR has an RTC on board, you'll need a battery door for the enclosed variant. If your OSCR is using VSelect (doesn't have a voltage switch), you want the enclosed variant without the voltage switch so there isn't a hole for the missing switch. The basic frame accommodates all VSelect and RTC variants.

Hardware (screws, heat-press inserts, washers, spacers) is included with all prints.

All of Kytor's shells will be printed with text in a different color for clearer labeling. If you would like a color not listed here for the shell or would like to use a different color for text, please send me a message on Discord, Twitter, or email (

Kytor's matching dust cover can be purchased from my shop here.

If you are only buying an enclosure from my shop, please consider supporting the creator directly by buying from his shop.

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